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About Terminalpro Co.,Ltd


  As a teriminal fishing tackle supplier, our main products including high-carbon steel fishing hooks, stainless steel fishing hooks and  swivel&snaps,lead wires, for example treble hook,double hooks,jig hooks,worm hooks,baitholder hooks,crystal(long shank hooks),octopus hooks,o'shaughnessy hooks,aberdeen hook,kirby sea hooks,tuna hooks,circle hook,rolling swivel, crane swivel,barrel swivel,interlock snap,safety snap,hooked snap,nice snap and so on.

  From 2012 year, we increased our products series and hope provide more good products for our customers. Currently  jig heads,lead sinkers,soft lure available also.

  OEM manufacturing and lable manufacturing welcome also.

  Don’t hesitate,winnerhook will be your best terminal fishing accessories supplier and together with your angler life.

How to manufacturing fishing hook? Is it easy as your think?

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